Spreadable patè cream out of typical apulian Products.

The patè cream, also known in Italy under the name of pasty, because of its consistency being minced meat, fish or veggie mixed to a spreadable paste.

Our production of typical Apulian creams includes different types of patés, obviously without any meat or fish ingredients, but with fresh vegetables only.

If you love this type of specialties, or you have a passion for the most delicious antipasti, know that the patés we produce are made exclusively with extra virgin olive oil and no other type of oil, being it virgin or seed.

Next on this page, you can discover our varieties, starting from the green and black olives paté, to the lampascioni onion patés (pampasciuni), passing on to the artichokes and chilli pates, up to those composed as the paté dell’ortolano, a mix of vegetables specially created to bring the true flavor of Salento into your kitchen.