Italian apulian olives in extra virgin olive oil

Il Salento, one of the most charming areas of Puglia (Apulia), is famous for its high-quality food products and typical local cuisine. Oro del Salento, a local company specialized in the production of typical Salento food products, offers a wide range of culinary specialties such as spicy crushed green olives, Focu Salentino, and many other typical products of the region.

Oro del Salento stands out for the care and passion it puts into the production of its typical Salento products, which are completely handmade without preservatives, additives, or coloring agents. The selected ingredients are of high quality to offer customers an authentic taste of Puglian cuisine.

Among Oro del Salento’s most popular products are the spicy crushed green olives. These olives are seasoned just right, spicy but not too much, and still have a crunchy texture thanks to the presence of extra virgin olive oil. In addition, the practical plastic packaging with airtight closure allows them to be stored very well even in the refrigerator.

In addition to spicy crushed green olives, Oro del Salento also offers a wide selection of black and green olives flavored with bay leaf, oregano, rosemary, garlic, and salt. Moreover, among the typical Salento products of the company, it is also possible to find Focu Salentino, a delicious roughly ground spicy chili pepper pâté, and blended with a touch of wine vinegar.

Furthermore, the company also provides information on where to buy typical Salento products online and in the local area, and pays attention to the quality and authenticity of its products, whose target customers value the quality and authenticity of typical enogastronomic products.

In summary, Oro del Salento represents one of the best choices for those who want to taste high-quality typical Salento products and for those interested in Puglian cuisine.

Puglian olives are one of the region’s excellent products. Extra-virgin olive oil is a fundamental element in Puglian cuisine as it is used to season salads, soups, and other typical dishes.

The mix of black and green olives is one of the main products of Puglian cuisine. The mix is obtained by mixing pieces of black and green olives and seasoning them with a pinch of bay leaf, oregano, rosemary, garlic, and salt.

This is a simple yet uniquely flavored recipe that can be served as a side dish or as an appetizer.

The Green Olives stuffed with Almonds are emptied from the pit and filled with an inner almond. 

The Green Olives stuffed with Chili Pepper are another specialty of our company. They are pitted green olives filled with sliced chili pepper. The result is a tasty, spicy and definitely delicious dish.

Finally, the Black Cellina di Nardò Olives are a variety of olives typical of Salento. The Black Cellina di Nardò Olive has a round shape with a dark brown skin and is an excellent choice for preparing appetizers, side dishes, and salads.

In conclusion, the Apulian Olives are a product of excellence of the region, rich in flavors and nutritional properties. It is a versatile and tasty food that can be used to prepare simple yet decidedly tasty dishes.