Tomato Sauce

Puglia, a southern Italian region, is famous for its juicy tomatoes.

This artisanal tomato purée is produced with these qualities in mind: it is slowly and gently cooked to preserve the flavor and color of the tomatoes.

As a result, the texture is smooth and rich. The Apulian tomato purée is great to use in pasta sauces, soups, stews, or even on its own.

Discover the authenticity of our selection of Apulian purées and sauces, a triumph of flavors that tell of the richness and versatility of the Apulian territory. Our tomato purée is a concentrate of goodness, made with juicy and tasty tomatoes, carefully selected and processed following methods that respect tradition.

The Apulian tomato purée we offer is produced following careful procedures: the tomatoes are washed, cut, and cleaned of seeds, then carefully cooked to preserve all their authentic flavors and vibrant color.

This artisanal process ensures a tomato purée with a smooth and rich consistency, ideal for creating enveloping sauces, comforting soups, and tasty stews.

But our offer doesn’t end here! Explore the variety of our sauces, like the Sauce with Strong Ricotta, a bold and decisive condiment, ideal for those who love the intense and characteristic flavors of Apulian tradition. Or let yourself be tempted by the Three Olive Sauce, a delight that combines the taste of three types of olives for a surprisingly balanced and tasty result.

Visit our dedicated page and get inspired by the quality and variety of our products, authentic treasures of Apulian flavor, processed and preserved following traditions to always guarantee you the best of local production.