Bruschette – typical apulian toppings

In the past, it took very little to be able to feed oneself, or rather the farmers who did not have much money to spend on food, fed often themselves with bread, made with only flour and water, this is how the bruschetta was born.

The bruschetta has ancient origins and was defined as the poor farmer’s dish, who fed their families with dry bread, topped with only a little garlic, olive oil and the tomatoes they generally cultivated themselves.

The main components of the bruschetta are either dry or fresh and toasted bread, which could be toasted over the fire or in the oven. Optionally a little garlic rubbed on one side of the bread, a little extra virgin olive oil, salt and the most important ingredient, the tomatoes.

Originally the bruschetta is known from the italian region Campania, due its famous tomatoes plantations and production. Slowly it starts spreading throughout Italy, where it’s often slightly changed according to the region’s specialities and culture to make it more unique. Still keeping the basic ingredients, extra virgin olive oil , salt, garlic and tomatoes.

Today, especially in the south of Italy, you can enjoy mostly the bruschetta while drinking an aperitif. Who of you on holiday in Salento, the southern part of Apulia for example have not had the opportunity to have an aperitif with bruschetta. Not or not yet? We invite you to order it next time.

Keeping the same original ingredients, the bruschetta in Salento can be tasted with other typical ingredients known for the region of Apulia, for example, bruschetta with peppers, eggplant, artichokes, olives, mushrooms, a nice mix of flavors to taste.

The intent of Oro del Salento is to be able to bring to your table the flavors of the typical Apulian bruschetta, flavored with only extra virgin olive oil, and not with regular virgin oil or seed oils, because the true taste is only reached with a rich oil that enhances the flavor.