Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil from Apulia.

The extra virgin olive oil is the flagship of our production of typical Apulian products, which can count about sixty million olive trees, of which at least five are to be considered monumental.

We count up to approximately 40% of the olive oil production in Apulia and 12% worldwide. This very important nutrient, which cannot be missed on our tables nowadays, is too often objectified to counterfeits and imitations of all kinds. Our promotion of quality extra virgin olive oil is part of the rediscovery of the profound link between food and health that is linked to this ingredient.

The harvest olives follow a thorough and close 3 phase process (PIERALISI) in the southern part of Apulia, also known as Salento (a region that is very favorable for agriculture). Within this closed loop process, qualified technicians overview and control the entire production steps, in order to guarantee maximum quality standards.

Composed mainly of antioxidant substances, such as monounsaturated fatty acids, linoleic fatty acid, polyphenols, beta-carotene, oleic acid and a precious oleocanthal molecule, which contains the vitamins A, D, E ed important minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

These properties are of immense importance for our health, both in regards to the contrast of free radicals, and as demonstrated by numerous scientific studies for the prevention and treatment of countless diseases.

Beneficial effects of extra virgin olive oil

Among the healthiest foods of the mediterranean diet we undoubtedly find the extra virgin olive oil, which in ancient times was considered a real marvel, not only in the kitchen, but also in the medical sector.

400 B.C. Hippocrates of Chios called it “the best medicine” whilst Homer referred to it as “the liquid gold”.

Extra virgin olive oil, source of benefits already in ancient history.

Nowadays, extra virgin olive oil is used in the kitchen to season a variety of dishes, but it is also deemed a great ally to human health: In fact, it is rich in polyphenols, which are able to interact positively with the whole organism, but most importantly with the brain.

This molecule can be found in oil, but also in products such as wine, tea, chocolate, cocoa and blueberries.

The consumption of extra virgin olive oil for prevention.

The European Food Safety Authority and the Food and Drugs Administration suggest to consume at least 2 spoons of raw oil a day. Especially because it contributes to prevent the onset of cardiovascular diseases, inflammation and, moreover, fights oxidative stress due to free radicals.

The polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil are also considered to be protective against diseases such as tumors and neurodegenerative diseases.

In addition, polyphenols have a preventive action on breast tumors, on tumors of the stomach, colon and prostate, but also on the skin, colon and breast.

Its consumption is recommended, since this nutrient is able to foster the neurogenesis of the brain, protecting it from neurodegeneration, due to aging. Which therefore could also be seen as an anti aging activant itself.