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Discover the authentic flavors of Puglia delivered right to your doorstep! Shop online for our high-quality typical products from Puglia and let yourself be captivated by the deliciousness of our gastronomic specialties.

Oro del Salento, a company specializing in Apulian food products offers authenticity of typical Apulian products selected exclusively with high quality, from the creation of the most classic Salento and Apulian products, to the exclusive and particular ones all handmade, from olives to almonds, to stuffed olives with spicy chilli, from condiments to turnip greens to paparina.

Strengthened by a ten-year culture and experience in the field of olive growing, and especially in the production of olive oil, we inherited the passion from our parents, who have always aimed to produce genuine extra virgin olive oil and typical Apulian quality products, and we of Oro del Salento, we combine the fruit of their and our work, to create typical Salento products deeply linked to the land of origin, Salento.

Since the last year we can feel a switch and tendency to not only search and choose natural and genuine products but also the appreciation of typical Apulian traditions and ingredients. Customers want to buy local and genuine products that will also have benefits to their healthy and welfare.

After years of years of commercials and and commodities that bought industrial products on our table that often had long journeys and dubious origins, today we focus more and more on the origin and quality of our food.

Oro del Salento is a small family owned company in the south of Apulia that produces and sells typical Apulian products. Salento and Apulia are famous not only for their beautiful places and historic cities and beaches, not only for a very engaging folklore, not only for its beautiful climate all year long, but also and most importantly for its unique Mediterranean earth.

Our Mission is to transport you with our ingredients and flavors in a world full of unique tastes of the Apulian cuisine. Once you try our products you will discover that you will not be able to go on without our different varieties.

It’s precisely this sun kissed earth, surrounded by crystal clear seas that is a famous and popular vacation destination and gives us, Oro del Salento, all the needed materials and ingredients to create high quality products.

You can find out which are the typical products of our production on our website, but also on our pdf catalogue.

Apulia is an Italian region with a very rich culinary tradition, with easy and simple but very tasty and nutritious dishes and ingredients. We have selected for you the best products in order to bring to your table and enrich your recipes, starting with the most elementary ingredients and base, the extra virgin olive oil from Apulia.

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