Gallipoli food box typical apulian products

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The food box Gallipoli includes strong flavored extra virgin olive oil Casciani 3 L, black olives and dried tomatoes patè, yellow and red tomato puree, dried tomato rolls filled with cheese, dried tomato pesto with ricotta forte, one package of wheat flour Maccheroni and one package of barley flour Orecchiette, one package of each almond stuffed and mixed olives.

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A box filled with rich apulian treats, Oro del Salento offers you the box Gallipoli.

If you choose the food box Gallipoli you will receive new products that aren’t even listed in the online catalogue, directly to your home. Wheat flour Maccheroni and barley flour Orecchiette, tomato puree out of yellow and red tomatoes.

Buying the box of typical apulian products Gallipoli will get you a 12% discount.

the content in detail, straight to your home:

  • Extra virgin olive oil Casciani 3 L
  • Black olive patè 130 gm
  • Dried tomatoes patè 130 gm
  • Red tomato puree 680 gm
  • Yellow Tomato puree 680 gm
  • Dried tomato rolls filled with cheese 230 gm
  • Dried tomato pesto with ricotta forte 190 gm
  • Wheat flour Maccheroni 400 gm
  • Barley flour Orecchiette 400 gm
  • Almond stuffed olives in extra virgin olive oil 300 gm
  • Mixed olives in extra virgin olive oil 250 gm

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