Torre dell’Orso food box with typical Apulian products

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Food box Torre dell’Orso, contains extra virgin olive oil rich and mild taste, yellow and red tomato puree, one package of wheat flour Maccheroni and one of Orecchiette in barley flour, dried tomato pesto with ricotta forte, lampascioni oninons and green olives patè, and one bag of almond stuffed olives. 

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39.5045.40 (-13%)


If you are too busy or undecided on which products to taste first or if your are looking for a special present, Oro del Salento offers the box Torre dell’Orso, a rich box with typical Apulian products as the ideal solution.

If you choose the food box Torre dell’Orso you will receive a selection of our online and offline products directly to your home.

The box includes typical italian pasta, barley flour maccheroni and orecchiette, as well as red and yellow tomato puree.

The content in detail, straight to your home:

  • Extra virgin olive oil Paiano 0,75 L
  • Extra virgin olive oil Casciani 0,75 L
  • Red tomato puree 680 g
  • Yellow tomato puree 680 g
  • Barley flour Orecchiette 400 g
  • Wheat flour Maccheroni 400 g
  • Dried tomato pesto with ricotta forte 190 g
  • Lampascioni onions patè 130 g
  • Almond stuffed olives 300 g
  • Green olives patè 130 g

If you choose this box you will have a discount of 13% (approximately 6 €) on the sum of all the products.


Nutritional Information pr. 100 g


Weight 6.750 kg


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