New extra virgin olive oil 2021 is available for purchase.

Our Apulian extra virgin olive oil is synonymous with guarantee, quality, and origin.

Its features, such as very low acidity and its unmatched fragrance that enriches and enhances every dish, make it one of the most appreciated typical products of Salento.

The new extra virgin olive oil 2021 is produced with the first selected olives, harvested in the heart of Salento at the right moment of ripening, ready to be sold immediately! This ensures that the oil maintains all its freshness and naturalness, making it rich in bitter and spicy characteristics to the palate, light and delicate to the smell.

The extra virgin olive oil is an essential element of every culinary reality (in addition to the health benefits) that characterizes the Mediterranean agricultural and food tradition, provided with unmatched genuineness, making it an extremely versatile condiment, suitable for both main and second courses.

As always in our quality company production, the new extra virgin olive oil 2021 will be used in the preparation of all our products, enhancing their flavor and quality, making each dish unique, to be paired with meals on special occasions!

This unmissable product is available in standard sizes:

  • 0.75 L bottle, with a light flavor that enhances dishes without altering their taste, recommended for daily use.
  • 0.50L/0.25 L bottle, appreciated by restaurants, pizzerias, and kitchen venues.
  • 1/3 L bottle
  • 5 L tin
  • 0.25/0.50 L terracotta bottle.

For those who desire and request it at our company, we offer a wide selection of Extra Virgin Olive Oil available for online purchase.

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