Fillet eggplants and peppers in oil


Exclusively hand made and preserved in extra virgin olive oil to guarantee its taste and the expiry of 24 months from production. Content  230g

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Fillet eggplants and peppers in oil
Fillet eggplants and peppers in oil 4.70
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Have you ever tried to prepare the recipe for pasta with eggplant and peppers fillet?

There is combinations that work and some that don’t. And in fact eggplants and peppers is a perfect combination especially if its spiced with a pinch of garlic, chili peppers and natural aromas. 

Store it away from sources of light and once opened the jar store it in the fridge to preserve the original flavor. 

The fillet eggplants and peppers are ideal to top your salads, cold and warm dishes and your antipasti. 

Nutritional Information pr. 100 g
Energi (KJ/kcal) 869,00 Kjoule / 207,69 kcal
Fat (g) 15,96 gr
- of which Saturated fatty acids (g) 2,22 gr
Carbohydrate (g) 7,87 gr
- of which sugars (g) 6,01 gr
Protein (g) 1,5 gr
Salt (g) 0,23

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