• Spicy crushed green olives

    Spicy crushed green olives


    Crushed green olives (80&) , extra virgin olive oil (15%) , chilli peppers (5%) , laurel, sale. 

  • Garlic and spicy garlic in oil

    Garlic and spicy garlic in oil


    The garlic in oil is prepared and seasoned with parsley and lemon after which it is preserved in exclusively extra virgin olive oil in 230g glass jars.

  • Peperoncino a rondelle piccante in olio extravergine di oliva

    Sliced hot chili peppers


    This product is preserved in 190g glass jars and made out of % red hot chili peppers, extra virgin olive oils and a pinch of salt. Ideal for cold and warm dishes, canapes and antipasti. 

  • Focu Salentino, hot chili pepper in oil

    Focu Salentino, grounded hot chili pepper


    The “focu salento” which translated means the fire of Salento, consists of grounded hot chili pepper, with a bit of white wine vinegar, a pinch of salt and is preserved in extra virgin olive oil in 400 gr glass jars.

  • Spicy Habanero spread red or yellow

    Spicy Habanero spread, red and yellow chili pepper


    The yellow and red Habanero is ideal to top toasted bread or pasta and delicious with meat or cheese. Chili pepper Habanero 88%, extra virgin olive oil 11%, cooking salt.

  • Olive verdi ripiene al peperoncino

    Green olives stuffed with chili peppers


    Our big pitless green olives stuffed with whole or chopped up chili peppers are exclusively handcrafted and vacuum packaged in extra virgin olive oil. 

  • Garlic and spicy garlic spread buy online

    Garlic and spicy garlic spread


    Garlic: extra virgin olive oil, salt, parsley, lemon. 

    Spicy garlic: extra virgin olive oil, chilli pepper, salt, parsley.

  • Spicy chili peppers patè

    Spicy chili peppers patè


    The spicy chili peppers patè made with hot red chilies, which give the cream that classic fire red color and that intense aroma. Blended with a drop of white wine and salt, all in extra virgin olive oil.



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