Salone del Gusto 2014 Turin: Oro del Salento in Attendance.

One of the most renowned and well-known gastronomic events worldwide, the Salone del Gusto in Turin, returns from October 23 to 27, ready to welcome thousands of eagerly waiting visitors.

The culinary fair, Salone del Gusto, organized by Slow Food, the Region of Piedmont, as well as the Municipality of Turin in collaboration with the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, 18 years after its first edition, presents itself this year with two themes: The Ark of Taste, reflecting the theme of foods at risk of extinction, and family farming.

Regarding the first subject, launched precisely during the 1996 edition, it is essential to remember that industrialized agriculture, as well as the standardization of tastes, are rapidly leading to the disappearance of entire categories of foods, such as various varieties of apples, corn, potatoes.

It is therefore crucial to work for a significant change of direction: primarily promoting biodiversity, as this alone ensures the planet the fundamental ability to adapt and survive changes.

Precisely for this reason, the Ark will host a thousand products from over 60 countries worldwide, and will give visitors the opportunity to bring and display traditional products that they believe are at risk of extinction.

The second theme at the Salone del Gusto is family farming, chosen precisely on the occasion of the year established by the Fao for its worldwide celebration, provides a specific ethical and moral indication, aimed at distancing from an increasingly industrialized agriculture, based solely on massive production aimed at the highest possible profit.

It is well known that such objectives cause massive exploitation of lands and animals, and raise a series of ethical questions that man can no longer avoid. Not to mention the quality of the product.

On the contrary, family farming, close to man and nature, represents a more than valid alternative, to be reconsidered and promoted as much as possible, for the future of the planet and future generations.

Among the numerous exhibitors at the gastronomic event, Oro del Salento will also be present this year, with a series of typically Salentine excellences, including extra virgin olive oil.

Oro del Salento will be present at Salone del Gusto 2014

This food, too often subject to counterfeits of all kinds and species, represents, not only for Puglia, but for the whole of Italy, the best of culinary Made in Italy, and its use is not only synonymous with quality, but also and above all, health. The benefits for the body, due to the constant use of a quality Oil, are indeed documented by numerous studies.

Nutrition, as we well know, represents the best natural medicine for the prevention and care of the body, the first and fundamental step for a healthy and long-lived existence.

And for this reason, choosing family farming, even at the expense of industrial one (although more known and economical, it often comes with misleading advertisements, especially regarding the origin and composition of the product), means making a choice for health and well-being, for oneself and the whole family.

But Oro del Salento will also offer you many other culinary delights at the Salone del Gusto, such as pâtés, sauces, olives, various preserves in oil.

Come visit us, Oro del Salento is at Pavilion 3 – 3D 016 of Salone del Gusto 2014

Puglia, particularly Salento, has undergone a real tourist revolution in recent years, welcoming thousands of tourists from all over the world. Not only magnificent beaches and crystal clear seas, not only art, culture, traditions, not only tarantella dance.

Salento is this but also flavor, taste, scent, and much more, which we will be happy to help you discover! Come and visit us, in Turin, from October 23 to 27, at the Salone del Gusto we are waiting for you, hungry and curious!

For all information, you can visit the Salone del Gusto website, where you will find all the information about the event.

Aurora De Donatis for Oro del Salento.

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