The Secrets of Apulian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In the heart of the Mediterranean lies a treasure: Apulian extra virgin olive oil.

This precious liquid gold, the fruit of centuries-old traditions and a unique territory, is the quintessence of an ancient art, that of producing Apulian extra virgin olive oil.

This millenary tradition hides secrets and rituals that make it one of the most appreciated Italian excellences in the world. But what are the secrets of this refined art?

Let’s unveil together the techniques and traditions that make Apulian extra virgin olive oil a unique product of its kind.

The land and its people: Apulia and its olive oil tradition

The production of Apulian extra virgin olive oil is deeply rooted in a territory rich in history and culture. Apulia, a land of sea and sun, is also a land of olive trees. These majestic green giants, with their twisted branches and silvery leaves, shape the Apulian landscape, giving it a unique charm.
It is here, among gentle hills and sun-kissed plains, that Apulian extra virgin olive oil is born.

Apulia is the Italian region with the highest production of oil. Its provinces of Bari, Lecce, and Brindisi boast a high-quality oil production, thanks to the richness of the soil and the mild climate, ideal for olive cultivation.

But the production of Apulian extra virgin olive oil is not just a matter of land and climate. It is also, and above all, a matter of people. Apulian olive growers are guardians of an ancient knowledge, passed down from generation to generation.

With passion and dedication, they care for their olive groves, following the rhythms of nature and respecting ancient cultivation techniques.

Secrets and tradition: the art of producing Apulian extra virgin olive oil

The production of Apulian extra virgin olive oil follows a process that begins with the harvesting of olives, strictly by hand or with the aid of machines that respect the integrity of the fruit. This phase, called harvesting, takes place between October and December, when the olives have reached the right degree of ripeness.
After harvesting, the olives are taken to the mill, where they are weighed and selected.

Here begins the oil extraction process, which involves crushing the olives to break the pulp and release the oil.

The secret of a good Apulian extra virgin olive oil lies in the speed of processing: the olives must be processed in the shortest possible time to avoid oxidation and preserve polyphenols, powerful natural antioxidants.

The obtained oil is then filtered and stored in special stainless steel containers, away from light and heat, to preserve its organoleptic qualities.

Every step of the production of Apulian extra virgin olive oil is an art, requiring wisdom, passion, and respect for nature. Only in this way can a superior quality oil be obtained, capable of best expressing the flavors and aromas of the Apulian territory.

Apulian extra virgin olive oil is a treasure to be discovered, a unique product that encapsulates all the passion and dedication of those who produce it.

A quality oil, rich in history and tradition, that makes every dish a unique sensory experience.

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