Dried tomato rolls filled with cheese in oil


Dried tomato rolls filled with pecorino cheese, in extra virgin olive oil preserved. 

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The “Involtini di pomodoro secco e formaggio sott’olio” are a true expression of the culinary richness of Puglia. This product, the result of skilled artisanal work, is a hymn to the authentic flavors of Southern Italy.

The tomatoes, carefully selected and dried under the warm Pugliese sun, develop an intense and slightly sweet taste, which perfectly blends with the richness and creamy texture of the aged pecorino cheese.

The immersion in high-quality extra virgin olive oil not only preserves the freshness and integrity of the ingredients but further enriches the flavor of these rolls, adding a light and fruity note that enhances the overall taste.

This choice is not random: the extra virgin olive oil is a fundamental element of the Mediterranean diet, known for its beneficial properties and its distinctive aromatic profile.

Every bite of these rolls is a journey through the culinary tradition of Puglia, a region famous for its ability to combine simplicity and richness of flavors. These rolls are not just food, but an experience that speaks of land, sun, and passion for quality food.

Ideal for enriching appetizers and aperitifs, the dried tomato and cheese rolls in oil are perfect for those looking for an authentic and refined taste. They are an excellent choice to start a meal, accompanied by a glass of local wine, or as part of a buffet on special occasions.

Their versatility also makes them suitable as a tasty snack in the middle of the day or as a special ingredient in creative recipes.

Nutritional Information pr. 100 g
Energi (KJ/kcal) 1301,57 Kjoule / 316,31 kcal
Fat (g) 36,66 gr
- of which Saturated fatty acids (g) 5,00 gr
- of which monounsaturated fatty acids (g) 25 gr
- of which polyunsaturated fatty acids (g) 3,33 gr
Carbohydrate (g) 0,01 gr
- of which sugars (g) 0,01 gr
Dietary Fiber (g) 5,28 gr
Protein (g) 1,08 gr
Salt (g) 0,19 gr

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