Traditional apulian Salted Tarallini


Traditional Puglia-style tarallini in extra-virgin olive oil, round-shaped, are sold in 250g packages.

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Traditional apulian italian Salted Tarallini
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One product that definitely characterizes street food in the South of Italy is undoubtedly the tarallino, a simple circle made of unleavened dough made from flour, oil, salt, water (or wine), to which various ingredients are added to flavor it depending on the area of origin.

Obviously, the most well-known ones are from Puglia and Naples, then each area produces its own variations.

The origin of this delicious baked product is supposed to have been born out of the necessity to feed a family with what their pantry offered, namely flour, oil, salt, and white wine, with a surprising result. And so it becomes a real recipe, the first recipe for Puglian taralli.

In the traditional Puglian tarallini of Oro del Salento, you will find the taste, aroma, and typical fragrant nature of Puglian tradition, a tasty crumbliness that only Puglian taralli made with genuine and strictly Puglian-sourced ingredients can provide, that unmistakable flavor in our oil and wine that seems to melt in your mouth.

These tarallini have all the genuineness that seems to create addiction.

Apulian Salted Tarallini are produced with the traditional recipe using soft wheat flour type “0”, white wine, extra virgin olive oil, excellent as a snack, appetizer, to accompany a fish dish or seafood, and can be an excellent ingredient for some recipes where crushed they confer that superior flavor and fragrance.

Apulian tarallini are a traditional snack originating from Puglia. They are made with soft wheat flour type “0”, white wine, and extra virgin olive oil.

Our Apulian tarallini are of high quality and delicious to eat with seafood dishes or alone.

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