Sweet tarallini biscuits made with Primitivo wine


And here arises a true goodness with this mix of excellences, the proposal of Oro del Salento that as always brings to our table all the goodness of the flavors of Puglia, with these sweet taralli made with Primitivo wine.

The taralli are produced with soft wheat flour type 00, sugar, 20% Primitivo wine, olive oil, baking powder, vanilla. These small doughnuts with a delicate and sweet taste will be able to capture even the most demanding palates with their crumbliness and the characteristic crystallized sugar on the surface, excellent for indulging ourselves and spoiling.

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tarallini dolci al vino primitivo
Sweet tarallini biscuits made with Primitivo wine 4.50
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I Sweet Primitivo Wine Tarallini are small ring-shaped biscuits coated with crystallized sugar on top. They’re so sweet and delicious that your guests will be asking for more.

There are products whose name alone already tells you their origin, and whether they’re food or drink, the only way to truly appreciate them is by holding them in your hands and savoring them, allowing yourself to be transported to the place where they come from through their scents and flavors.

A product that undoubtedly characterizes street food in the South of Italy is the tarallo, a simple circle of unleavened dough made from flour, oil, salt, water (or wine), and various ingredients added for flavor depending on the region of origin. The most well-known ones are, of course, those from Puglia and Naples, but each area has its own variants.

Among the many variations, even in the same Puglia, there are many, and sweet versions are also popular, reminiscent of donuts for a sweet breakfast or dessert after a meal, or as a sweet accompaniment to coffee, snack, or tea with friends. These are the Sweet Primitivo Wine Tarallini.

Naturally, these sweet biscuits or taralli cannot do without the addition of wine, and an excellent wine in the Salento area, renowned as well as delicious, is the Primitivo.

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