Orecchiette fior di grano from Apulia region of Italy


Orecchiette “fior di grano” from Puglia, made with wheat grown and milled in Italy, in a 500g package. Keep the product at room temperature in a cool and dry place, cooks in 10 minutes.

Allergens: Gluten, mustard, soy.

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orecchiette fior di grano macinato a pietra pasta puglia
Orecchiette fior di grano from Apulia region of Italy 3.80
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In Puglia, when it comes to pasta, it’s all about orecchiette. If they are handmade, they become “strascinati”. Orecchiette made of wheat are a typical pasta in Puglia, whose shape is approximately that of small ears, hence the name.

These delicious little domes of semolina pasta, known in dialect as “récchietèdde”, are a pride for those who manage to prepare them. As the quintessential pasta format of the region, orecchiette represent the gastronomic symbol of Puglia. Even today, if you walk through the alleys of the province, you can admire women who skillfully make this pasta and smell the typical Sunday dish, orecchiette with meat sauce.

The dish that best represents and enhances this exquisite pasta is with “cime di rapa”, but there are many other first courses that can be made with orecchiette, which, with their roughness, retain the seasoning, becoming one with it. It’s amazing when the aforementioned seasoning is trapped in the hollow of the orecchietta.

Nowadays, this fantastic pasta format has proudly crossed regional and even national borders.

To be sure to eat good and authentic Puglia pasta, we should rely on Puglia companies that guarantee originality, such as our company’s “orecchiette fior di grano”. These fantastic orecchiette are made with a traditional recipe from wheat grown and milled in Italy. They have good cooking quality that should be tasted, as only they can capture the seasoning and the essence of two different but complementary cooking methods, with the border slightly more al dente and the dome a little less, fantastic and, to conclude, a good and quite digestible pasta.

“Orecchiette fior di grano pugliesi” made from wheat grown and milled in Italy, 500g package.

“Orecchiette” are an iconic dish of Puglia, a region in southern Italy. It has existed for centuries and is one of the most appreciated dishes in the area. It is made with a dough that is shaped into small ears.

The dish is typically served with “cime di rapa”, tomato sauce, but it can also be served with tomato sauce or with pesto and ragù.

Nutritional Information pr. 100 g
Energi (KJ/kcal) 1450/342
Fat (g) 0,4
- of which Saturated fatty acids (g) 0.1
Carbohydrate (g) 70
- of which sugars (g) 1,6
Dietary Fiber (g) 5,9
Protein (g) 11,8
Salt (g) 0,01

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