Bruschetta with Olives


Bruschetta with green and red olives, red bell pepper, and carrot in extra-virgin olive oil.

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Bruschetta with olive and extra virgin olive oil.
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Bruschetta is a typical baked goods delicacy from the South of Italy that has gained a large following of food lovers over time. Each region has its own way of interpreting it according to culinary customs and habits. In our Puglia region, bruschetta and friselle were once a typical food of farmers, as they were prepared with slices of bread grilled on home chimneys or field fires, and then seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and homegrown tomatoes.

Over time, as previously mentioned, bruschetta has become a delicious appetizer and many variations have been created for its preparation, changing according to subjective tastes. Many appetizers are offered in different varieties and flavors, becoming increasingly popular and enjoyable for social gatherings.

And if these days we cannot do without appetizers or happy hours, with the excellent products offered by Oro del Salento, it is possible to prepare excellent homemade-style bruschetta appetizers, while maintaining its originality with different varieties that will satisfy all the typical flavors and fragrances of Puglia, from peppers to mushrooms, from eggplants to tomatoes, from artichokes to turnip tops, and many more flavors to taste. We cannot forget the one that I consider to be a hymn to the true flavors of Puglia: the jar of olive bruschetta, made with 70% green olives, red pepper, capers, vinegar, carrot, garlic, lemon, celery, oregano, all worked with extra virgin olive oil, a rich oil that manages to enhance all the taste and fragrance of Puglia directly on the table.

An excellent dressing for bruschetta, crostini, friselle, and even to enhance the flavor of our salads.

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