White wine Malvasia Salento from Puglia, Italy. 0.75L bottle.


For the production of the Malvasia Salento IGT White Wine, we have used grapes of this variety, with a white color and a pleasant flavor. The Malvasia Bianca is an aromatic white wine with a light and fruity taste. This wine originates in Salento and Puglia and is ideal for seafood and shellfish dishes.

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White wine from Salento, Malvasia IGT bottle
White wine Malvasia Salento from Puglia, Italy. 0.75L bottle. 8.00
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The Malvasia white wine is made from 100% Malvasia Bianca grapes. Malvasia is a Mediterranean white grape variety that is mainly cultivated in the Puglia region of Italy. This wine has an intense straw yellow color, with aromas of flowers and fruits, and a pleasant fruity taste.

The Oro del Salento Malvasia is a dry and light white wine obtained from Malvasia grapes. The taste of this type of wine can be described as light and fresh.

It has an alcohol content of 12.50% Vol., making it ideal for people who prefer dry wines with a slightly alcoholic content.

The Malvasia is a widely spread white grape variety in Puglia, especially in Salento, where it gives rise to wines with a unique and unmistakable character. The Malvasia del Salento is a yellow straw-colored white wine, with greenish reflections. On the nose, it is intense and complex, with hints of acacia flowers, exotic fruits, and spices.

In the mouth, it is dry, fresh, and savory, with a good structure and a long and persistent finish.

Oro del Salento Malvasia white wine

The Malvasia del Salento Oro del Salento is a very versatile wine that pairs well with many types of dishes, both fish and meat-based. It is particularly suitable for accompanying traditional Puglia dishes, such as rice with mussels and potatoes, orecchiette with turnip greens, or mixed fried fish.

The Malvasia white wine of Salento is mainly produced in the areas of Lecce and Brindisi, where the hot and dry climate and the limestone soil are ideal for cultivating this grape variety.

Malvasia is a very resistant and adaptable white grape variety that lends itself to different cultivation and winemaking techniques.

There are different types of Malvasia del Salento wine, depending on the production area and the vinification technique used.

The Salento Malvasia can be vinified in white, rosé, or red, depending on the grapes used and the degree of ripeness. Moreover, there are also flavored variants, such as Malvasia with figs or with aromatic herbs, which give the wine fragrant and spicy notes.

The Oro del Salento Malvasia white wine is a product appreciated worldwide for its quality and its unique and unmistakable character. If you want to taste this extraordinary Puglia wine, we recommend buying it directly online at orodelsalento.com.

On orodelsalento.com, you can find different types of Malvasia del Salento wine, choose the one that best suits your taste, and buy it comfortably online.

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Weight 1.270 kg



IGT Salento

Grape variety.

120/130 quintals per hectare.

Yield per hectare in grapes.

120/130 quintals per hectare.

Aging potential

3 to 4 years.


Straw yellow.


Delicate aromas of white flowers.


Pleasant freshness and savory taste.

Serving temperature.

Serve at 10°C.

Food pairing

Seafood-based dishes.


After a soft pressing, the grapes ferment at 16/18 °C. Then, they undergo maturation in steel.


12,50% Vol.


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