Red wine Negroamaro from Salento, Puglia, Italy 0.75L Bottle


Oro del Salento’s Negroamaro del Salento wine is made from 100% Negroamaro grapes. It has a clear appearance, with a deep ruby red color of medium concentration and transparency. The bottle size is 0.75 cl.

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Red wine Negroamaro from Salento, Puglia, Italy
Red wine Negroamaro from Salento, Puglia, Italy 0.75L Bottle 8.30
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The Negroamaro wine is a red wine produced in Salento apulia Italy. Its name means “black bitter” in the local dialect. It is made with the Negroamaro grape, which has been around since the 1200s and is believed to have originated in Greece and spread to Europe during that time.

The grapes are grown in small vineyards called “masseria,” which are located throughout Salento. This allows for greater control over each batch produced, which means you will always have a high-quality wine!

High-Quality Negroamaro Italian Wine

Uve di vino negroamaro raccolte in casettaIt is also suitable for serving at home, as well as at restaurants, making it ideal for any occasion. It is the perfect wine to enjoy with friends and family when you want something light but flavorful.
The wine has a light color, which is common in many rosé wines. It is not overly sweet or dry and has a good balance between the two. The aroma is light and fruity, with notes of cherry and citrus.

Produced with the best Negroamaro grapes, this wine, made from the best Negroamaro grapes from Salento, has an intense ruby color with beautiful garnet hues. Its strong and intense flavor makes it ideal for pairing with hearty meat dishes such as lamb or veal.

What is the difference between Primitivo and Negroamaro?

Primitivo and Negroamaro are two red grape varieties primarily grown in the Puglia region of Italy.
Primitivo wine is an intense and robust red wine with high alcohol and tannin content. It has a fruity flavor of berries, plums, and cherries and can be slightly spicy. It is often aged in oak barrels to develop its flavors and complexity.

Negroamaro wine, on the other hand, is also an intense red wine but has a softer structure and less tannins than Primitivo. It has a fruity flavor of dark plums and cherries, but can also have hints of spices and licorice. It is often aged in stainless steel tanks to maintain its freshness and fruity flavor. In general, Primitivo wine is more intense and robust than Negroamaro wine, but both are delicious red wines and represent the Puglia region well.

The term “tannic wine” refers to a young red wine that has a high tannin content, which are substances found in the skin and seeds of grapes that give an astringent and puckering taste. Tannins can also come from the wood of maturation or aging barrels.

A tannic wine is neither good nor bad in itself, it depends on personal preferences and the characteristics of the wine itself. A good red wine should be tannic, but not excessively, and should be well balanced by other characteristics such as alcohol, body, softness, persistence, and friendliness.

What to pair with Negroamaro?

To pair this wine with the right food, it is necessary to know its taste. The main flavors are red fruits (such as cherries and berries) with notes of vanilla and chocolate.
This makes it a good pairing with grilled vegetables and barbecue, as these foods also have strong flavors that can contrast with the boldness of the wine. It also pairs well with aged cheeses such as Parmesan or Cheddar, as they have similar flavors and are rich in texture, which complements the creaminess of the Negroamaro del Salento wine.

The Negroamaro del Salento is an excellent wine to pair with red meats and aged cheeses. It can also be enjoyed with pasta, pizza, and prosciutto. Try it with cold cuts for an even more delicious experience! If you are looking for something lighter and fresher, pair your Negroamaro del Salento wine with grilled vegetables or barbecue foods like chicken wings or ribs!

Additional information

Weight 1.270 kg



IGT Red Salento

Grape variety

Negramaro 100%

Yield per hectare

70/80 quintals

Aging capacity

3 years


Ruby red


Balsamic and fruity notes


Soft and balanced

Serving temperature

Serve at 18°C

Gastronomic pairing

All meals rich in flavors, meats, cheeses and some appetizers


The crushed grapes ferment at a temperature of 18-20°C for 36/48 hours. After a soft pressing, the wine is matured in steel

Alcohol content

13.00% Vol.


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