Lampascioni onions spread


Finely mashed Lampascioni onions easily seasoned with capers, garlic, chili pepper, wine vinegar, parsley and salt.

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The Lampascioni or “Pampasciuni” are very famous in Apulia, where countless recipes are created to enhance its flavors and its health benefits. in fact this plant is very rich in mineral salts, is low-carb, has antibiotic principles and detoxing effects, all with a beautiful lilac color (as displayed on the picture here on the side).

I Lampascioni: processing and conservation

The Lampascioni onions spread is made out of finely mashed real wild onion bulbs, which are smaller than regular onions and with a more bitterish flavor and are packaged in 130 g jars, as shown in the picture. Preserved in extra virgin olive oil with also small entire onion bulbs.

The Lampascioni onions are cleaned and finely mashed after which they get very easily seasoned with capers, garlic, chili pepper, wine vinegar, parsley and salt. The seasoning is kept to a very minimum in order to not alter the natural flavor of the onions. Upon opening you can store the jar in a not heated and dried area, whilst after opening it is recommended you add a bit of oil and store it in the fridge.

This “pate-cream” with a bitterish but pleasant flavor is ideal for crackers, canapes, salads or for “frise” which is a speciality of the region best describable as dried and toasted bread.

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